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Expressive Painting Workshop with Paul Oswin

Expressive Painting Workshop with Paul Oswin

Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September 2024

Multi Arts Centre (Hall), Cressy Street Deniliquin

Edward River Art Society is excited to welcome Paul Oswin to Deniliquin as part of our 2024 Visiting Artist Workshop Series. 

About Paul

Many people are discovering and rediscovering watercolour painting as an exciting and expressive medium. With my workshop you can break from traditional painting and develop an expressive skill set that will help develop more visual movement in your wet medium painting. 

"My artwork is inspired by the nature and environment of the Mallee region." Local birds and animals are often my choice of subject. Their shapes, colours and movements are well suited to the style of painting that I enjoy. Using expressive marks and bold colours, I aim to capture more than a physical likeness. I want to create a sense of a subject’s character and the impression of its environment. I use a combination of watercolour paint and coloured inks on paper. I also make use of markers and pens to further develop textural elements and strengthen the rhythmic qualities to the work." 

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About the workshop: 

My aim in painting is to marry strong compositional methods with expressive qualities. I also develop rich textural elements by re-working finished painting with markers, pens and pencils. Gain some new tips and tricks that will help your own artistic journey in a relaxed and creative environment. 

Things to bring: 

  • Brushes 

  • Watercolour paints and/or inks 

  • Watercolour paper 

  • Masking tape 

  • 2 Water containers 

  • Figurative painting references 

Optional materials: 

  • iPad/ phone 

  • White gel pens 

  • Paper towel 

  • Waterproof fineliners 

  • Pipettes 

  • Salt 

  • Masking fluid 

  • Dip pens 

  • Paint markers 


Two-Day Workshop Saturday 31 August 2024 10am-3pm and Sunday 1 September 2024 10am-3pm 

$185 per person | $150 for ERAS Members

Book online at 

Please note that spots are limited so bookings are essential.

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