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Oil Painting Workshop with Ross Paterson

Oil Painting Workshop with Ross Paterson

Saturday 29 June and Sunday 30 June 2024

Multi Arts Centre (Hall), Cressy Street Deniliquin

Edward River Art Society is excited to welcome Ross Paterson to Deniliquin as part of our 2024 Visiting Artist Workshop Series. 

In this 2-day oils workshop, you'll have the opportunity to learn from this passionate and dedicated artist and teacher and absorb some of the knowledge he has gained in over 40 years as an artist. 

About Ross: 

As a highly awarded artist, Ross Paterson has travelled all over the world for many years sharing his knowledge and skills with other artists. Learn more at  

Things to bring: 

Please bring your lunch (we'll provide light snacks)

Canvases/boards (2 or 3)

  • Either canvas board, gesso-primed md boards or or canvas stretchers

  • various sizes. e.g. 12"x16", 16”x 20" 14"x 18"  Some people may prefer to work larger than this.

  • sealed canvas cut to size and taped to a board is a method I also use--these can be later attached or glued to a backing board

Oil paint colours

  • Artist quality is best - I usually prefer Winsor & Newton, however other quality brands can also be sufficient

  • titanium white; naples yellow; yellow ochre pale; cadmium yellow light; light red; burnt umber; cadmium red; alizarin crimson; cobalt blue; cerulean blue; ultramarine blue.

  • Additional colours (not essential): perm. rose; magenta; cobalt torquise light.

  • Colour is personal and needs to be trialled for your specific needs, in context with your goals


  • Pure gum turps (odourless is best in a workshop)

  • refined linseed oil

  • Clip-on dipper for medium - avoid using jars

  • Optional: wax medium; oleopasto (can sometimes be helpful for an impasto build-up)

Brushes and tools

  • Flat bristle or synthetic mainly

  • Various no.2, 4, 8, 10, 12

  • Palette knife - plastic or steel

  • Cotton cloth rags-for wiping and cleaning

  • Sturdy easel


  • preferably kidney shaped

  • well balanced is best-so you can hold it in your non-painting arm and step back from your work while painting

  • eg. cut from 3-ply or thin md board, and well sealed


Two-Day Workshop: Saturday 29 June 2024 10am-4pm and Sunday 30 June 2024 10am-3pm 

$185 per person | $150 for ERAS Members 

Book online at  

Please note that spots are limited so bookings are essential.

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